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How do you achieve such intense colours in Nutradry’s powders?

Due to our low temperature evaporation drying process we do not damage the delicate nutrients in the food we are drying.

These nutrients provide the colour in our food, Anthocyanins produces blues, purples and reds, Carotenes give us orange, Lutein generates yellow, green from Chlorophyll and so on. The bright vibrant colours of Nutradry’s powders is further proof of the high nutrient retention we achieve through our drying technology.

How does Nutradry’s drying process compare to other technologies?

Nutradry’s low temperature drying technology works as an evaporation process, meaning it is very gentle on the raw material and uses much lower temperatures compared to other drying processes so the nutrients, flavour volatiles and colours are not damaged during the process.

How does Nutradry’s drying technology work?

Nutradry’s low temperature drying technology is a very gentle drying process that uses low temperatures and the self-limiting properties of the Refractance Window phenomenon to dry a wide range of products into powders. The gentle nature of the process ensures that the organic volatiles from the raw materials are retained in the final powder. This drying technology is exceptional at the retention of flavour, colour and nutrients.

Is microwave or any other potentially nutrient damaging technology used in the production of Nutradry’s products?

No, the only energy used to dry Nutradry products comes from hot water.

What are some examples of the high nutrient retention in Nutradry products?

Carrot juice powder beta-carotene 1010mg/Kg
Kakadu plum powder vitamin C 28,833mg/Kg
Organic Acai powder ORAC 130,300 umol TE/100gm
Premium Blueberry powder ORAC 106,000 mmol TE/100gm
Beetroot juice powder Nitrite 1230 mg/100gm

What makes Nutradry’s powders sparkle?

You may have noticed that some of our powders really sparkle and are wondering what we add to make this happen? Well the answer is nothing, attractive looking powders is just one of the many benefits of our low temperature drying process.

What quantities can I order?

Our MOQ for most products is 10Kg.  Please see our online Nutradry 1kg Store for 1kg pack sizes for most of our products.