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nutradry powders are made from fresh high quality ingredients which are
dried on our unique low temperature drying technology.  In fact our company
was founded on this  technology and we remain the global experts in gentle
drying of a wide range of foods and nutritional products.

nutradry’s low temperature drying process uses a proprietary heat transfer technology to gently remove moisture from delicate products. Imagine a streak of water on a glass surface as it quickly evaporates. nutradry’s process works in a similar manner. Once the optimal point of drying has been reached, the heat no longer penetrates the raw food, preserving its natural colour, flavours and nutrition which would otherwise be lost due to overheating or over processing.

To test the effectiveness of this technology, an experiment was conducted (as reported by Washington State University) on Raspberry puree* (with seeds). The original moisture content was 92%, using the technology, this reduced to 1-3% moisture in just 5 minutes, compared to Freeze Drying which took 12-72 hours, exposing the raw ingredients to much more severe conditions.

By using this advanced technology, nutradry delivers only the purest, nutrient rich powders available. For more information on our products or to view a detailed product analysis, please visit our individual product pages.